Deshnar, the "Stormheart"


Curiously so, Deshnar was the God of Thunder in her now-destroyed world. Coming to the Prime it was expected to lose her divine powers. Unexpectedly though, she retained most of them and was a huge help for the Invidious agenda against the Gods.

She knew how to think like a God, how to taunt a God, how to kill a God, and most importantly she was almost herself a God.

Having such a deep understanding of the divine issues, she took it upon herself to keep a watchful eye on the newly-created Empyreans , and take the necessary retribution actions against them when they behave out of line. This usually means smiting the Empyreans with thunder, but it can also include stripping one of them from his divine status.

Thus, Deshnar is the most feared and hated Invidious by the Empyreans and their minions, and the first target for anyone willing to break the divine rules of the Invidious in the Prime.


Deshnar, the "Stormheart"

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