Malzoth, the Usurper


Empyrean of Power, Prestige and Ambition.

Malzoth is the prominent dissonant against the rules of the Invidious and constantly tries to find ways to take revenge and bring justice to the Crowned in Ruin.

Sagitas is a world overflowing icy cold hatred and power. Only strongest survive and weak ones die once again every day. Love, mercy, pity or unselfishness are not tolerated in Sagitas. Entire society bases on submitting the weaker and eternal fight dominates this world. It is said that Sagitas has many levels, where strongest live higher and rule weaker living under them. Weakest beings live and die in lowest levels. It is believed that lowest and highest level doesn’t even exist. There will always be one step higher or lower level. Every time a being dies, it will move one level lower and starts it’s life there in lowest hierarchy. Every time a being achieves a notable victory, it rises one step higher and starts it’s life there in lowest hierarchy. This leads to quite a politics and machination. A victory of some being might rise another being to be a strongest being in that level.
It is believed that evil intuals fall into Sagitas after their death. There they have to begin agonizing battle towards higher levels. Beings in higher levels are very powerful and strong even in divine scale, but still live in mortal limits. All beings living in Sagitas are called devils and demons.

From the first all beings in Sagitas were humans that were faithful to Sagoin and remained in Sagitas when Sagoin was imprisonment into Devil-crystal. By their loyalty they got enormous powers from Sagoin. These powers changed their appearance so that they were not anymore recognized to be humans.


Malzoth, the Usurper

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