Empyrean of Mysticism and the Fine Arts.

Qunaidus doesn’t actually have own realm. Humans have a belief that Qunaidus used wishes and dreams of Mergin and built the “Palace of wishes” to the blue moon. Windows of the palace were made of knowledge of Loi’Iatha and one can see everywhere through those windows. If the viewer is able to interpret what he sees, he could see to past present and future through those windows. It is even possible to see emotions and most secret thoughts of intuals. It may be said that Qunaidus itself sees everywhere through those windows.
Humans conceive Qunaidus to be sitting in front of her windows and always singing to her own joy. Her songs spread everywhere. In some places the song can be heard better than in some other places. Elsewhere many hear the echo of her songs and in some other place only the most sharp-eared can hear her melody. It is believed that magic disappears on a day when Qunaidus stops singing. Part of the belief is also that silver-mirrors reflect best way her music. Some people believe also that gems are words of her songs.

Unofficial beliefs and stories tell also about hidden Mythoran. It is reputed to have been Qunaidus’ own realm before the born of common world of gods. There are many more descriptions and comprehensions about that world than there are comprehensions about Qunaidus. The reason for this is that there is said to be a charm connected with that realm. The charm is very difficult to explain in its simplicity and even its interpretation seems to be completely improper: “Nobody is able to describe Mythoran in a same way.”

Qunaidus don’t have concrete “holy item”, which she would have left for humans. However “Mythoran” and reaching it can be associated to be a divine “artifact.” Like it has been provisionally told above, Mythoran is concealed and forgotten reality of Qunaidus in stories and tales. People got there and living their lives mainly as incorporeal or corporeal creatures in harmony. There is extreme cruelty, extreme mildness and everything between. There is goodness and evilness. Like in the Age of spirits also there everything happens by wishing. There are only two rules. Nobody can be wished to nonexistent and nobody’s ability to wish can’t be limited. It is said that Mythoran wouldn’t exist in other dimension, but only in another time: Past.

Many creatures are said to be living in Mythoran. Physical creatures, spiritual creatures, and everything possible what inhabitants of that world can wish. One creature type living in Mythoran is “The ghost of the past.” They are female chosen of Qunaidus and work as her couriers or even punishers. The Ghosts of the past are blue translucent female figures, like mist in the light of Dinia. They always assume shape of familiar, but deceased intual-woman. Depending on their task or goal, the Ghost of the past could for instance look like a family member, hatred enemy, friend or chief.

At the time when the world was still young, genius of Qunaidus was believed to be living in Meln. In the Age of spirits they moved to blue moon Dinia. When performing task of their empress the Ghosts of the past always descent along the moon path of Dinia to the world. Their dark task is to also take souls of abusers of magic to wander into endless labyrinth: The Black damnation.



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