Rauchnor, the Savior of Worlds


Empyrean of Overachievements and Breakthroughs.

If compared to Meln, Staeldronia is ancient and completely different world like the first worlds of all old gods. Staeldronia is throughout under water. There is not much intelligent life, but other beasts, animals and plants typical to that world are more common than in any other world. Creatures in Staeldronia live mostly by their own without any attention of their god. Intelligent creatures are intelligent enough not to disturb Thaim with prayers and beasts and animals don’t even know how to pray. Nuot takes care of almost all matters in Staeldronia while Thaim eternally celebrates with his people and sometimes even with Nuot. Leviatans are holy people of Thaim and Nuot. They are most powerful beings in Staeldronia. Their tasks consist of many things from guarding to collecting souls. They are like small gods, which in addition to Thaim and Nuot grant magical powers and even miracles to priests. Leviatans are often described to be enormous creatures resembling dragons, crocodiles and king-ray, which majestically glide in Staeldronia.

Shore of the Gods

Beyond the high seas there is a shore where Thaim and An’Gaia met each other. On that shore Thaim spit Nuot into the world. Same shore where Nuot thought and wondered meaning of him. Sand of that shore is gold. It is warm and soft to walk. One never feels hunger or thirst on that shore. There is never gold and never storm. Waves always hit the shore caressing. Atmosphere there is calm and peaceful and passing of time is very tardy and gentle. Sailors always tell cabin-boys about that shore, like they would be moving on that place at their old age.

On that shore one would clearly hear what “Songs of the sea” mean. Waves hit the shore rhythmically. Sea birds add their own song in to that melody. From afar screams of dolphins and whales can be heard. All that pushes into listeners mind and tells a story about Thaim, birth of the world, youth of gods and many other secret matters.


Rauchnor, the Savior of Worlds

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