The Crowned in Ruin

These individuals were once powerful mortals. In a dreadful event of cataclysmic proportions all the Primes of the multiverse were destroyed. For an uknown reason only one of them survived. Powerful individuals of all these Primes were the only ones to survive absolute destruction. All of them, found a refuge in the one surviving Prime – this one.

Their first act on this world was to join forces for the common good as they perceived it. In their own words, the destruction that happened had something to do with their worlds’ divine entities. Thus in the Age of Origin the Invidious came together in a mutual agreement and for a united cause; destroy all Gods and godlings and usurp their power. In the battle that ensued the whole Prime was engulfed in terror and agony. The Gods and their minions (powerful outsiders, and prominent priestly figures) fought to the very last one for the sake of their existence. The Invidious, now achieved a higher purpose – deliver the mortals from the eternal divine grip. By realizing this, and by gaining support from the common people (thus weakening the gods and their faith indirectly) they managed to emerge victorious after a battle that lasted 20 years.

When the Crowned in Ruin were ready to harness the divine power of their now-vanquished enemies they instead chose to keep the Spark Divine for themselves while keeping their mortal powers. Thus they achieved something great. They were now immortals, but not tied to the Prime and the faithful as a God would be. In this way, they beat the Gods both in battle and in stature.

On the other hand, having all this divine power left, the Invidious decided to spread all this power to the populace of the Prime. Thus it happened, and now all the Prime is extremely advanced and filled with power beyond mortal standards.


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