Isocracy (ελ. Ισο-κρατία)

Isocracy is a well-rooted political governing model with empowered executive branch. According to Isocracy, the best way to govern a state is with two leaders; one to guarantee the success and nature of the state, and one to govern, command, and defend the realm.

Comm stands for how the state is communicating this information to its constituents – the people.
Meta stands for information used by the player.


In Isocracy the leaders of the executive is a Governing Couple, the Father and the Mother of the state respectively. The Father is also called Consul, while the Mother is also called Custodian. While the Consul is responsible for the executive, the Mother is the sole abdicator for legislative issues.

Legitimacy: Isocracy addresses the issue of legitimacy for the leaders based on their capabilities to lead. Specifically, prior to public approval, the monarchs have to prove their worth by a test (of various nature), or great achievement in the eyes of their people. Different countries, use different techniques to test their potential monarchs’ worthiness.

If they fail, the penalty is absolute and permanent death in respect to the state, after facing its people.

Comm: "This is our way. The way of the citizens of Conscience, Reason, and Honest Dreams for something better. This is the way, we the people decide to have always the best among us to lead our way towards Providence and Immortality.

Executive Branch

Leader: Consul (Father)
Powers: Unlimited – unless one of his actions tries to supersede the powers of the rest of the governing bodies.

Legislative Branch

Leader: Custodian (Mother)
Mother’s Maidens: These women are the official legislators of the state. They are responsible of creating, updating and admonishing the laws of the land.

The Maiden’s are girls of absolute virtue provided directly by the people (they are literally the daughters of the citizens and of the land). Their number varies from state to state. They are locked away in a secured place in unknown location. The only one with access to them is the Custodian who has the obligation to inform the Maidens about current events so their legislative work can be contemporary and representative of justice and the rule of law.

Comm: “You the people, with your own blood, your daughters, the daughters of this land, you have the power to provide the state with the highest among you, the Maidens who will decide the way we choose to live our lives to the fullest in the planet..”

Judiciary Branch

Forebearers: The Supreme Judges in Isocracy are the Forebearers – ancient ancestral spirits with knowledge of the old ways, the tradition, solution to problems based on historical facts, and common sense conservatism.

Meta:In a fantasy setting with ghosts and spirits, it is obvious that the best way to receive justice is by consulting ancient spirits who have the experience and the deep knowledge of ages to base their deductions of any case.

Chamber of Outstanding Citizens

This body, is a council of outstanding citizens based on their performance in the arts, athletics, and culture in general. They are the equivalent of oligarchical bodies in other states. Their rights and power varies from state to state, but they are considered the third power after the Consul and the Custodian.

Comm: “This realm, this blessed existence that we all share, is the first and last chance for the people to rule based on their merit, their performance, and their true worth”

Axis Guard

This is an elite guard serve to protect the Constitution, the Consul and the Custodian (in that order) above everything else – forfeiting even their lives.

Their numbers consist of members from all faction of society; every race, every ethnicity, every city and every minority has at least one member in the powerful Axis Guard. They are the backbone of the Constitution of the State and the legitimacy of the Monarchs. They are the guaranteeing force, against all dissidents.

The Axis Guard has basically two greater responsibilities in their mandate:
1) Protect the Monarchs, but also the State and the Constitution. The Axis Guard has a responsibility to even go against the Monarch if he acts unconstitutionally.

2) If the Monarchs die in a sudden and unexpected death, the leader of the Axis Guard needs to take the mantle of leadership, to secure the state, until he proves his worth to the people.

Comm: “Each an everyone among you has equal rights, and equal opportunities to greatness and the Supreme Power that is the Axis Guard”

Revolutionary Directorate

This body is sworn to keep a constant eye on the Monarchs’ abilities and worthiness.
They also work behind the scenes to constantly test the Monarchs for their continuing worthiness – or lack thereof. Nonetheless, they do these tests with never endangering the state.

If the Revolutionary Directorate perceives weakness in the Monarchs, they can call the people to a Revolution, which would overthrow the Monarchs and replace them with new ones – possible from the Axis Guard, and if the people find them worthy.

Their leader is the High Precursor (see next entry).

Comm: “No rest for our leaders! Never! But also.. no rest for us..”


This is a body of Elders, mainly consisting by intellectuals, sages, and great spirits. Their power is only to advise and provide counseling to the monarchs.

BUT: the High Precursor is also the leader of the Revolutionary Directorate.

State within State

This is a small city chosen by the Consul that exists within the State. Nobody can enforce the State’s laws inside this city. The only and absolute ruler here is the Supreme Commander of the Armies.

Outside of this city and accordingly to the rest of the State, the army (as well as its leader) are sworn to the Monarchs.


In Isocracy, in addition to the regular ministries that exist in other states, there are some Isocracy-specific necessary Ministries which ensure the State’s success.

Ministry of Conviction: This Ministry is responsible to export the political system of Isocracy to the rest of the world. Specifically, the Ministry of Conviction is required to make the appropriate studies to export, insert and adapt Isocracy to the other nations’ needs and unique conditions and circumstances.

Comm: “Our way, is the best way! Make it known to the far reaches of the world, that the Solution to the needs and aspirations of Man, is here”

Meta: Obviously this Ministry is necessary not only for Isocracy’s existence (for its unique nature), but also for the system’s moral legitimacy to the eyes of the people.


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