This region consists of Fortress-cities that lie atop clouds.

Each Fortress-city is led by an Eldritch Giant Sovereign. The whole region is ruled by the council of these individuals.

The state here can be best described as a Magocracy and the people here are working the Wishcraft. Thus, there are constant dangers and some cities are heavens, while others are blasted lands.

The majority of the population as well as Kalzadai’s “army” is consisted by arcane spellcasters. These arcane casters follow a specific spellcasting technique and are called the Halo Exarchs.

Power: Wishcraft can better be described as reality changing and altering magic.

Population (special): The citizens here can all cast the spell wish, 3 times in their life time.

City of Conundrums

Khemsa, City of Nimbus


Quiblis, City of Wonders

Ramric, City in Exile


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