Ghost city


Leader: Volesterus

This city has living ghosts as its citizens. No mortals live with these undead.

There is a prominent story rumored across the Existence about Skalathrix. It is said that the people living here were peaceful and full of life. At some point though they quickly realized that their children were not theirs alone.. Something was different about them.

After intense efforts, their wizards and diviners managed to decipher a terrible truth. These children were belonging to something lost in history. Nevertheless, these children would live their lives and one day would die – like normal people. The difference with them was that when they did die the whole existence would be destroyed in an unknown way. This was a fact that their parents and grandparents had to face.

Taking it upon themselves to protect Existence, the people of Skalathrix made the worst decision. Using a procedure now lost in history, they managed to give the status of undead to their children. These ghosts were growing old but they couldn’t die – as was expected to the relief of their parents. These are the citizens of now-day Skalathrix.

Their parents now long gone, the only people living here are the ghosts. This community is closed to itself with no diplomatic relations but rumors abound about their need and constant efforts to find ultimate death and bring destruction to this Prime – just like what happened with the other worlds.


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